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Unit21 empowers investigators to make data-driven risk, fraud, and compliance decisions with our no-code platform.




Transform from reactive to proactive management

Reduce fraud & compliance risks

Legacy systems slow you down. Most institutions historical data is fragmented and doesn’t let you get a holistic understanding of your customer. Changes in your business or with the regulatory landscape make it even harder to keep up. Staying ahead demands a unified risk, fraud, and compliance platform that fights financial crime with readiness to adapt to new regulations. Only a superior toolset will get your team from reactive to proactive, so they can develop the agility to move faster.
Case management enables sharing common data between fraud and AML for risk and compliance teams.
"Unit21’s platform is actually built with the customer in mind. Unit21 was also very easy to integrate. We easily saved months of engineering effort if we built this on our own. The case for ‘buy’ has never been more straightforward."
Erik Roodsari
Head of Risk Products at Intuit
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balance risk & growth

Approve More Good Users

We enable growth teams with better data to approve more users with less friction. Our identity verification product automates decisions with our customizable modeling engine to approve more good customers faster and increase top-line revenue, leading to a superior customer experience. Our solution manages your entire stack including underlying vendors, data sources, and machine learning models so you can focus on your business.
Identity verification looks at customer identities before onboarding a customer to a platform.
"The ability for analyst to up-skill (to the ones that have interest) strengthens my vision of how a compliance department that operates in the digital era."
Jerry Chou
Chief Compliance Officer at Line
Transaction monitoring refers to the monitoring of customer transactions, including assessing historical/current customer information and interactions to provide a complete picture of customer activity.

enhance operational efficiency

Reduce Engineering Dependence

As users and transactions scale, your risk & fraud teams need to keep up. With more false-positives to process and high-risk customers signing-up, your team gets stuck in the tedious administrative process. They are waiting for engineers to modify systems instead of having the control over risk and compliance operations better.

Unit21’s fully-customizable product gives your team the flexibility to tailor your own solution. You’re able to respond to suspicious activity in minutes rather than weeks. Supercharge your investigations by enhancing investigator agility.
"We qualified every solution possible. The flexibility and automation of the Unit21 platform made the decision simple.
Unit21 is extremely data agnostic, which means we don't need to wait for months to integrate."
Alex Faivusovich
Fraud Prevention Manager at Lili

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