Move From Transactional to Lifecycle Risk Analysis

Detect, investigate, and report bad actors throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Transaction Monitoring and Case Management for End-to-End Lifecycle Risk Analysis

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Transaction Monitoring

Leverage diverse data sources to provide a holistic view of customer behavior throughout their lifecycle. With our no-code approach, teams can configure, test, and validate scenarios before deployment to reduce false positives and enhance detection before deployment.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Move from after-the-fact monitoring to fraud prevention. Instantly assess risk and block risky transactions in real-time to prevent fraud losses before they occur. Safeguard your organization while maintaining a secure, yet positive experience for your trusted customers.

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Case Management

Efficiently manage cases with a single-pane view. Enhance efficiencies with automation and prioritize alerts based on risk. With our no-code approach, build and configure workflows, checklists, and buttons to easily adapt to evolving risk scenarios and comply with changing regulations.

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Focus on Fraud Prevention and AML.

Not Engineering.

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Transactions Monitored

Utilize all available data to understand customer behavior across their journey and proactively combat financial crime with precision.

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SARs Filed

Conduct informed and efficient investigations with automated SAR filing, resulting in reduced investigation times and increased reconciled cases.

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in SAR amounts filed

Simplify operations and accelerate investigations to respond to financial threats effectively & efficiently.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“In compliance, there’s a lot of stress around keeping track of a lot of different things. Prior to Unit21, there was less organization, which leads to more stress. Unit21 has provided people with a clearer process on their day-to-day role which has improved team morale.”

Paulo Donati
Compliance & Risk Operations Manager at Metal Pay

"It is valuable having a partnership capable of solving multiple compliance and fraud prevention functions from within the same UI, and it speaks to the flexibility of Unit21 systems."

Philip Bess
Senior Manager of Card Operations at C2FO

"Unit21’s platform has been extremely customizable for us. We launched in a couple weeks and immediately saw how many false positives were affecting us."

Jerry Chou
Chief Compliance Officer at Line

"Unit21 asks us if we are having issues, rather than us having to come to them. The customer service is outstanding, and the team is able to answer any question or problem in 10 minutes."

Kailey Klein
Compliance and AML Officer at Bakkt

"It’s always about our clients’ trust, and safeguarding our platform against criminal activity is always a top priority. To manage that well, we focus on using tools that help us navigate the increasingly complex world of financial crimes, while giving us the level of flexibility and control that mature organizations like ours need."

Rob DeCampos
Head of BSA/AML at Intuit

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