The Only No-Code and Customizable Fraud and AML Operations Solution

Unit21 is a fully customizable and automated platform that reduces fraud loss and false positives by 50%+.

The platform seamlessly integrates three products that can be used together or individually: Transaction Monitoring, Case Management, and Onboarding Orchestration.

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Put Risk & Compliance Teams in Control

Equip your teams with a no-code platform or go modular to reduce engineering reliance

Not Transaction, but Data Monitoring for Maximum Visibility

Go beyond transactions and monitor any data you’re interested in such as behaviors & devices for better accuracy

Built for Agility, Speed,
and Scale

Quickly adapt to threats and changes with an unprecedented degree of customization and automation

trusted by leading fintechs, lenders, brokerages, exchanges, and crypto companies

Focus on Fraud and AML Operations. Not Engineering.

Unit21 is the only risk and compliance operations platform that provides customizability and agility without coding.

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Reduction in Fraud Losses

The enhanced detection of Unit21 enables customers to cut fraud losses in half,  and make an immediate impact to company financials.

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Reduction in SAR Filing Time

With automated actions, visual analytics, and automated SAR narratives and filing, Unit21 users conduct more informed investigations quickly

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Reduction in False Positives

Unit21 customers consistently reduce false positive rates. Teams become more effective and can to focus on what matters.

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“Unit21’s platform is actually built with the customer in mind. Unit21 was also very easy to integrate. We easily saved months of engineering effort if we built this on our own. The case for ‘buy’ has never been more straightforward.”

Erika Roodsari   Head of Risk Products at Intuit
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Data Monitoring. Not Just Transaction Monitoring.

Detecting suspicious activity requires looking at more than transactions. Monitor any data of interest with Unit21’s no-code and customizable data monitoring solution. Hit the ground running with 1,000+ tried-and-tested options for pattern and threshold based rules and pre-built models such as ‘high velocity’ or ‘man-in-the-middle’ to deploy a sophisticated monitoring solution in weeks.

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Onboard Users with Scalable No-code Workflows

Use Unit21's open and flexible logic provider to bring your own data and orchestrate onboarding. Ingest any KYC, KYB or custom data and customize and automate workflows to easily onboard users and reduce friction. Unit21 uses identity data and other data signals to provide a full picture of customers at scale to quickly resolve investigations.

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Informed and Automated Case Management

There’s a lot more to Case Management than SAR Filing. Investigate any suspicious activity that was identified through Identity Verification or Transaction Monitoring in Unit21’s Case Management system, or on a stand-alone basis. Unit21’s Case Management product maximizes and automates workflows with customizable action buttons, direct SAR e-filing to FinCEN, and goAML reporting. Users see up to an 85% reduction in handling time with Unit21’s Case Management product.

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Industry-leading Customer Success

All our customers have access to support and training throughout their journey. Make feature requests and get support within minutes. No more waiting 3-5 business days to be heard! We help with long-term strategy and get ahead of problems and opportunities.

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