Case management

Informed and Automated Investigations & SAR Filing

Customizable case management with direct Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) e-filing to FinCEN and reporting to goAML. Get the most out of investigations with robust visualizations and analytics. Customers have reduced investigation times by over 78% with Unit21.

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Visual Analytics for Investigations

Visualize relationships and patterns using link and activity analysis over time to better identify suspicious activity

One Consolidated Dashboard

Put an end to using multiple tabs and work with one consolidated view on Unit21's data-agnostic platform for improved investigations

Automated SAR Filing & Actions

Direct SAR e-filing to FinCEN with templated and pre-populated SARs and narratives. Automated goAML reporting to 56+ countries

Take the guesswork out of investigations

Visual Analytics for Investigations

Use graph-based link and activity analysis over time to help quickly identify points of interest such as shared IPs, stolen IDs, shared PII to identify suspicious behavior and collusion.

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High Risk Transactions, Suspend Smurfing...
Maximize insight into investigations

All your Data. One Dashboard.

View all your data in one dashboard with multiple options for data ingestion. Unit21's customizable data model simplifies integration and data mapping. Bring unstructured fields and control workflows.

Visualization Tools for Investigations

The way we look at data matters - especially when trying to investigate the associations and historical behaviors of bad actors. Uncover relationships and patterns over time with visual link and activity analyses.

Identify suspicious behavior and possible collusion using our activity analysis tools that  identify points of interest such as shared IPs, stolen IDs, or shared PII. Presented in an easy-to-read graphical format, link analysis helps operators identify hidden relationships between entities.

Activity analysis provides graph-based analytics for a more perceptive investigation approach into an entity's transaction history. Looking at transaction patterns and behaviors over time can provide a helpful view into the suspicious activities of a user.

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Smart and Simplified Case Management

Transform SAR Filing and Audit Processes
Save Time with Automated Filing to Regulators

Automate a Set of Actions with the Touch of a Button

Administrators with special permissions can create buttons with custom functionality that trigger workflows with a simple button. Simplify tasks with workflow buttons and focus more on investigations.

Risk Scores Suited to your Needs

Get Back Lost Time on Filling Reports

Unit21 provides auto-completion of the narrative section in filed SARs through pre-populated templates. SAR Narrative Variables can be referenced to automate the standard components of each report. Make reporting seamless and efficient, while saving hours of work.

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Highly Auditable

Unit21 provides an immutable audit trail for any action on any rule, alert, case, or SAR filing. The system through FINRA and OCC audits and have also demonstrated the system to the Federal Reserve Bank and FinCEN from the Treasury department. All rules are explainable and human readable for partners and auditors.

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