Case Management

Investigate and Resolve Alerts Efficiently

Make rapid decisions by accessing all your data in one place. Give your analysts a comprehensive view of a customer’s risk throughout the lifecycle. Create and manage queues, define permissions, and focus attention on key data elements through our customizable interface.

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Data Monitoring.
Not Just Transaction Monitoring.

Unit21 offers more than just a way to monitor transactions. The platform uses a wide set of data sources to detect suspicious activity. Unit21 users have reduced false-positive rates by 85% with data monitoring.

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Streamlined Alerts

Create alert queues for each team, alert type, or line of business. Automatically assign priority levels and deadlines to ensure that high risk alerts are addressed first.

Effortless Execution

Tailor processes to align with your organization’s risk strategy. Set up workflow buttons to execute complex tasks with just one click.

Customized Control

Configure who has access to specific data and processes. Ensure your teams have the right level of authority to carry out tasks efficiently.


All Your Data. One Dashboard

Data is key when it comes to improving investigations. Unit21 offers a centralized case manager that brings together all your data sources. Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for your team to assemble a comprehensive view of customer activity. This streamlines the investigation and remediation of cases and alerts.

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High Risk Transactions, Suspend Smurfing...

Visual Link Analysis

Quickly connect disparate events in a complex fraud or money laundering scheme. Gain deeper insights into customer behaviors and uncover suspicious connections between entities, devices, bank accounts and more. Follow the money trail visually instead of managing data manually through spreadsheets.

Case Management
Use Cases

Unit21’s Case Management solution empowers both Fraud and AML teams to view all your data in one user-friendly dashboard where you can customize queues, define permissions and prioritize investigations.

Unit21’s Case Management solution helps your Fraud teams make quick and confident decisions in response to a suspicious alert. Utilize webhooks to automatically trigger specific actions when a transaction is declined. Allowlist your good customers to ensure their transactions are processed smoothly. Our Case Management is designed to be configurable; your teams can easily adapt processes to counter emerging fraud patterns.

Unit21’s Case Management solution helps your AML teams move away from manual tasks and keep them engaged on what is actually important - catching criminals. You can save time by automating the filing process for SARs and CTRs. Our Case Manager is designed to be configurable; your teams can easily adapt to evolving money laundering schemes or changing regulations.

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Filing Made Easy

Unit21 simplifies the process for organizations handling various types of filings. Organizations can create and configure filing queues to segregate different types of filings for different teams. This organization ensures teams can view and manage filings within their queue, including visibility on who is actively working on each task.
Save Time with Automated Filing to Regulators

Automate the SAR Filing Process

Unit21 streamlines the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) process by automating tasks associated with generating, completing and e-filing. With customizable workflows, users can create SARs directly from cases and auto-populate filing fields. Our solution allows users to automatically submit filings directly to FinCEN. This integrated approach not only reduces the time and effort required to report suspicious activities, but also ensures that filings are accurate, complete and timely.

Risk Scores Suited to your Needs

CTR Filing with Enhanced Efficiency

Users can create CTRs from alerts and auto-fill parts of the form. Our tagging feature fosters seamless communication between team members, while our batch process feature allows for easy weekly submission of CTRs to FinCEN. Comprehensive audit logs track all filing changes, along with the details on who made those changes.

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314(a) Compliance

Streamline your 314(a) process with Unit21. Simply upload the 314(a) files every two weeks in our platform (no formatting required) and get alerted for any potential matches. Save hours each week by avoiding manual checks and reviews in spreadsheets.


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