Move From Transactional to Lifecycle Risk Analysis

Detect, investigate, and report bad actors throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Combat Financial Crime with End-to-End Lifecycle Risk Analysis

Unit21’s Risk and Compliance Infrastructure empowers your team to proactively combat financial crime and make informed decisions throughout the customer lifecycle. Configurable to your organization’s unique risk profile, Unit21 unifies data silos into a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that helps reduce the impact of financial crime on your organization and your customers.

Explore New Features

AI Copilot

Optimize the process of working through alerts with our AI Copilot that eliminates the guesswork for analysts by clearly indicating where to focus their investigations.

Ask Your Data

Transform data into actionable insights with our AI-driven data analysis tool that empowers users to dive deep into their data with questions written in plain English.

Watchlist & Sanctions

Simplify and integrate ongoing screening against global sanctions and watchlists into your ongoing monitoring. With more precise AI-enhanced alerts, you can automate reviews to stay compliant efficiently.

Politically Exposed Persons

Decrease your risk of corruption or financial crimes with globally sourced, AI-enhanced, real-time data. With ongoing monitoring, you can get advanced checks on PEPs, their families, and close associates.

ACH Risk Score

Enable faster funds availability by providing a machine learning score that allows customers to enable decisions to proactively block accounts that exceed set chargeback thresholds, allowing FIs to unlock near-instant funds for legitimate customers.

Action Event Rules

Extend a financial institution’s capacity to monitor and act on non-transactional actions, including login attempts, password changes, address updates, and modification of user or account details.

Dark Web Monitoring

Find stolen checks before they reach the bank by alerting suspicious activity on the dark web and social media.

Check Fraud Investigation Toolkit

Centralize and automate all check transactions, historical deposits, & image comparisons in one place.

AI Agent for Investigations

Work alerts and reduce false positives with clearer insight and action through AI-driven investigations.

Unit21 Solutions

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Transaction Monitoring

Leverage diverse data sources to provide a holistic view of customer behavior throughout their lifecycle. With our no-code approach, teams can configure, test, and validate scenarios before deployment to reduce false positives and enhance detection before deployment.

Transaction Monitoring Illustration
Identity Verification Screenshot
Identity Verification Icon

Real-Time Monitoring

Move from after-the-fact monitoring to fraud prevention. Instantly assess risk and block risky transactions in real-time to prevent fraud losses before they occur. Safeguard your organization while maintaining a secure, yet positive experience for your trusted customers.

Informed and Automated Case Management Icon

Case Management

Efficiently manage cases with a single-pane view. Enhance efficiencies with automation and prioritize alerts based on risk. With our no-code approach, build and configure workflows, checklists, and buttons to easily adapt to evolving risk scenarios and comply with changing regulations.

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Identity Verification Icon

Fraud Consortium

Leverage Unit21’s consortium for comprehensive user insights, either during onboarding or ad hoc through our Transaction Monitoring system. All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) related to end customers is securely de-identified to ensure it remains secure and in full control of the participating member. The Fraud DAO is the only consortium product in the market that does not ingest PII in raw form.

Focus on Fraud Prevention and AML.

Not Engineering.

Monitoring Icon
Transactions Monitored

Utilize all available data to understand customer behavior across their journey and proactively combat financial crime with precision.

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SARs Filed

Conduct informed and efficient investigations with automated SAR filing, resulting in reduced investigation times and increased reconciled cases.

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in SAR amounts filed

Simplify operations and accelerate investigations to respond to financial threats effectively & efficiently.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"Unit21 asks us if we are having issues, rather than us having to come to them. The customer service is outstanding, and the team is able to answer any question or problem in 10 minutes."

Kailey Klein
Compliance and AML Officer at Bakkt
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“We were looking for a tool that is flexible to our specific needs as a growing global business. Primarily, we needed something that could help us properly manage that risk without bringing on additional headcount.”

Matt DiGiacobbe
Chief AML Officer at DriveWealth
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"It’s always about our clients’ trust, and safeguarding our platform against criminal activity is always a top priority. To manage that well, we focus on using tools that help us navigate the increasingly complex world of financial crimes, while giving us the level of flexibility and control that mature organizations like ours need."

Rob DeCampos
Head of BSA/AML at Intuit
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"Unit21’s platform has been extremely customizable for us. We launched in a couple weeks and immediately saw how many false positives were affecting us."

Jerry Chou
Chief Compliance Officer at Line
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“Patriot Bank's experience with Unit21 has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighted by the platform's ease of use, customization capabilities, and user-friendly design. The bank appreciates Unit21's proactive approach to relationship building and their genuine interest in meeting the bank's needs.”

VP, BSA/Fraud Officer
Patriot Bank
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