Real-Time Monitoring

Time is Money.

Make Swift Decisions in Under a Second.

Unit21 delivers proactive protection against real-time threats with our API-based Real-Time Monitoring solution. Detect and prevent fraud by analyzing real-time data across transactions, behaviors and networks. Reduce fraud losses by stopping fraud before it occurs.

Fast Response Times

In the fast-paced world of real-time payments, every second counts. Confidently get a response via API to approve or block transactions.

Easy Integrations

Avoid extensive lead times or complications. Set up Real-Time Monitoring in just one day and strengthen your security.

Up-Level Your Analysts

Fraudsters evolve quickly and so can your organization. Write, test and deploy rules in minutes with our no-code detection engine.

Reduce fraud losses

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Monitor transactions in real time and automatically block quickly for known fraud activity. Use our out-of-the-box rules or create your own. Maintain transaction logs for review purposes, rule optimization and customer complaint resolution.

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Ensure Seamless Experiences

Whitelabel Good Customers

Maintain a secure, yet positive, experience by whitelabeling trusted customers. Minimize the risk of flagging legitimate transactions as fraud to cut down false positives, lower operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Smart and Simple Case Management

Automatically Generate Alerts

Quickly investigate and respond to potential incidents with alerts that are generated within seconds of suspicious activity. Make quick and confident decisions with a single pane view of all your data.  

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Real-time payments are revolutionizing finance but also pose new challenges for risk professionals. This report explores the implications for anti-fraud operations and how to stay ahead in this fast-evolving environment.

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