Identify Suspicious Activity

Protect your business with transaction monitoring that offers a comprehensive view of risk. By analyzing a broad range of data throughout the customer lifecycle, you gain a clear understanding of normal behavior. This makes it easier to identify and flag any activity that is unusual or suspicious. 

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Data Monitoring.
Not Just Transaction Monitoring.

Unit21 offers more than just a way to monitor transactions. The platform uses a wide set of data sources to detect suspicious activity. Unit21 users have reduced false-positive rates by 85% with data monitoring.

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Use Data
From Any Source

Easily ingest any data type, including transaction data, behavior data, user activity, custom data and more. Harness all your data to identify subtle anomalies and potential risk.

Write, Test, and Deploy
Rules in Minutes

No-code configuration enables your risk teams to have a faster and more effective response to evolving financial crime or changing regulations - without engineering involvement.

Increase Detection
Accuracy and Precision

Tailor your risk criteria to specific customer segments or behaviors to identify subtle anomalies. Tune thresholds to improve your decision making and risk mitigation.


360-Degree View of Risk

Leverage all your available data points throughout the customer lifecycle - from initial onboarding, to customer activity, to login activity and more. Continuous monitoring builds a comprehensive understanding of each customer’s behavior. This leads to a more precise detection of fraud and money laundering.

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Optimize Rule Efficiency

Leverage our sandbox environment to meticulously test and validate rules before they go live. With the shadow mode feature, assess the performance and impact of your rules without disrupting live operations. Fine-tune alert generation in a controlled environment to ensure a smooth transition to production with confidence.

Transaction Monitoring Use Cases

Unit21's Transaction Monitoring solution empowers both Fraud and AML teams to develop targeted rules tailored to their organization's unique risk profile.

Transaction Monitoring

Unit21’s Transaction Monitoring solution helps your Fraud teams create, test, and tune rules without relying on engineering resources. Reduce fraud losses with signals that allow you to confidently approve or block high risk transactions - either in real-time or in batch. Unit21 helps your organization move from fraud detection to fraud prevention by proactively identifying suspicious activity so you can stop them before they occur.

Unit21’s Transaction Monitoring solution helps your AML teams create, test, and tune rules without relying on engineering resources. Use pre-built templates to create and tune rules, but also test rules against both historical data and future data to assess rule performance. Unit21 helps support an effective AML program by ensuring your organization remains compliant while catching more criminals.

Test, Analyze, and Iterate

Multiple tools to create and configure rules
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Out-of-the-Box Scenarios
for Accelerated Deployment

Select from a range of predefined templates for common situations, effortlessly update rules, and continuously optimize rules to combat the ever-changing landscape of financial crime or adapt to new compliance policies and procedures. Our designs are crafted and guided by industry best practices, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic realm of regulatory requirements. 

Analytical Reports

Create Your Own Rules for Targeted Accuracy

Run everything from simple conditions to more complex algorithms. Create and deploy custom rules that define behavior. Define your own variables and conditions to trigger alerts based on specific calculations or thresholds.

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See Visual Connections Between Rules

Focus on entity relationships and information sharing patterns (eg: shared device fingerprints or overlapping Personally Identifiable Information) to uncover connections that may not be apparent with conventional methods. These rules pair well with our Network Analysis Tool.

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Make Swift Decisions in Under a Second

Unit21 delivers proactive protection against real-time threats with our API-based Real-Time Monitoring solution. Detect and prevent fraud by analyzing real-time data across transactions, behaviors and networks. Reduce fraud losses by stopping fraud before it occurs.


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