Data Monitoring.
Not Just Transaction Monitoring.

Unit21 offers more than just a way to monitor transactions. The platform uses a wide set of data sources to detect suspicious activity. Unit21 users have reduced false-positive rates by 85% with data monitoring.

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Data Monitoring.
Not Just Transaction Monitoring.

Unit21 offers more than just a way to monitor transactions. The platform uses a wide set of data sources to detect suspicious activity. Unit21 users have reduced false-positive rates by 85% with data monitoring.

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Managed by Fraud & AML teams

Risk and Compliance teams define the rules and workflows for fraud and AML detection without the need for engineers

Starter Rule Sets

Meet the minimum compliance standards for your industry in just a few weeks using our pre-built rules vetted by risk and compliance consultants

Highly Visible Data Monitoring

Reduce false positives and fraud by more than 85% by flagging transactions, monitoring entities and using our link-analysis tools

Free your team from RELYING ON ENGINEERING

Put Risk and Compliance Teams in Control with No-code

Risk and Compliance teams can customize pre-built rules, workflows, and permissions in a flexible, no-code environment. Change rules on the fly to swiftly adapt to changes in operations and regulations without relying on costly engineering resources.

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Jumpstart your risk and compliance operations

Starter Rule Sets for Accelerated Deployment

Get set up with 1,000+ tried-and-true sets of starter rules vetted by compliance experts. Deploy and meet compliance standards in a matter of weeks. Unit21 is data agnostic and comes with pre-built integrations into Socure and more, to simplify KYC & KYB operations.

Elevate your Team

Legacy solutions usually only look at transactions, whereas there are several non-monetary data streams such as activities and people involved in transfers that provide more context. Unit21 provides a robust data monitoring solution that looks at a wide range of inputs, including crypto for better detection. Use performance analytics to optimize operations.

Transaction Monitoring
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Chainalysis creates transparency  around blockchains, enabling businesses to have a common understanding of how people use cryptocurrency.

Use out-of-the-box prebuilt rules and scenarios. Unit21 has tried-and-tested 1,000+ rules and scenario models on common typologies to ramp up quickly in weeks. Rules can be easily customized to adapt to changes.

Use management and productivity reporting to assess fraud and AML rules and workflows to continually optimize processes. Also, get visibility into agent performance (Average handling time) and other metrics to allocate people effectively for current and future staffing needs. Elevate your team by acting on performance data.

Chainalysis provides blockchain data and analysis for KYC/B purposes. Chainalysis offers cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to global law enforcement agencies, regulators, and businesses as they work together to fight illicit cryptocurrency activity.

Test, Analyze and Iterate

Validate, examine and build for better decision making
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Test Rules on the Fly

Run experiments with different rules. Validate and optimize rules and see up to 60% reduction in false positives. Test over historical data in minutes and see exactly what would have been flagged. Run rules in shadow mode to observe the effects on future data without committing to potentially high volume of alerts and irrelevant flags. Testing also allows teams without any data in the system to build validated models from day one.

Analytical Reports

Elevate Your Team

Find out which detection rules are the most ineffective for a specific part of your customer base. Performance analytics enables managers to evaluate overall program health – for example, get reporting into which analysts are the most efficient or their average case handling time. This enables managers to extricate operators from the weeds so they can focus on high-risk cases, or plan future staffing. Unit21 provides customized reports with the click of a button.

Full Dashboard

Get Dynamic

Unit21 offers a dynamic model builder to create your own rules to meet requirements. The dynamic model builder is a new way to express rules that is significantly more flexible than out-of-the-box scenarios. Dynamic rules generate the same type of alerts as existing scenarios and work on the same data. Users can also create their own variables using the dynamic model builder. Bring in more data streams and enrich analyses. The builder also provides your team the ability to combine data, time ranges and functions, to create the most customized and specific rules to your use case.

more than a Transaction Monitoring solution

Monitor Any Data to Maximize Visibility

Unit21 is more than just a transaction monitoring solution. The platform looks at a range activities, instruments, or any data you're interested in. Test rules and analyze performance for more accurate detection. All actions have immutable & auditable records.

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