Simplify & Automate AML Compliance

Proactively protect your organization from financial crimes, comply with global regulatory standards, and shield against reputational damage and financial penalties. 

Reduce manual reviews, cut down investigation time, and mitigate risks efficiently.


Unit21 Enables You to...

Gain Control

Free your team from engineering with a user-friendly, no-code interface. Risk and compliance teams define the rules and workflows.

Attain Visibility

Look at non-monetary data, testing, and analytics for more visibility into how to reduce false positives by more than 60%.

Automate Filings

Direct SAR e-filing to FinCEN with templated and pre-populated SARs and narratives. Automated CTR & goAML reporting to 56+ countries.

How We Help Companies Stay in Compliance

Our suite of AML products is designed to efficiently tackle the ever-evolving threats of sophisticated money laundering. We are dedicated to providing a data-driven, customizable platform for automated end-to-end AML monitoring, putting AML teams back in control.

How Unit21 Monitors AML


Reduce False Positives with Watchlists Monitoring

Fully integrate ongoing screening against global sanctions and watchlists into your ongoing monitoring to ensure your business complies with international regulations while maximizing efficiency.

Get more precise alerts and help your team automate reviews to stay compliant efficiently.


Elevate Compliance with Elite PEP Monitoring

Get advanced checks on PEP, their families, and close associates with ongoing monitoring for your Enhanced Due Diligence Program.

Decrease your risk of involvement in corruption or financial crimes with globally sourced, real-time data.


Streamline Workflows with Integrated Customer Risk Ratings

Leverage advanced analytics to transform your data into actionable insights, ensuring each customer's risk profile is accurately assessed and understood.

Streamline your compliance workflow with our tailor-made risk models and empower your team to make informed, confident decisions.


Automate the creation, completion, & filing process

reate and configure filing queues to segregate different types of filings for different teams. Simplify the filing process and gain visibility into who’s actively working on each task.

With customized workflow and automated tasks, you not only reduce the time and effort required to report suspicious activities but also ensure that filings are accurate, complete, and timely.


Ensure Quality with Customizable Controls

Ensuring quality in AML investigations can be expensive, error-prone, and time-consuming.

Get peace of mind and reduce operational burden with Unit21’s fully integrated and customizable Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) tools.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

65% Reduction in investigation alert time

"We looked at a lot of software vendors. There isn’t another product that competes with Unit21. The flexibility and automation of the Unit21 platform renders completely new ways for solving problems at scale."

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Rob DeCampos, Head of BSA/AML at Intuit

50% Reduction in investigation times

“No one has to remember about an investigation. We now have a system in place that reminds us to revisit the case in an appropriate amount of time which has allowed us the freedom to prioritize our work with the knowledge that everything will be waiting there for us when we do have a moment to focus.”

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Paulo Donati, Compliance & Risk Operations Manager at Metal Pay

66% Faster SAR filing times

“Unit21 was head-and-shoulders above any of the solutions we looked at. The ability to use the no-code natural language interface to customize processes and automation to our business needs has been a big win."

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Matt DiGiacobbe, Chief AML Officer at DriveWealth
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Unit21 is a proud ABA Associate Member

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