Unit21 Launches Real-Time Monitoring to Fight Real-Time Fraud

October 22, 2023

LAS VEGAS, October 22, 2023 – Unit21, a leading provider in risk and compliance solutions, today announced the launch of Real-Time Monitoring at Money20/20 to transform the landscape of risk management.

Empowering Swift, Comprehensive Fraud Mitigation 

Unit21’s Real-Time Monitoring solution is a game-changer for financial institutions utilizing real-time payment rails (such as FedNow, RTP, Zelle and others) with low latency constraints. With Real-Time Monitoring, fraud prevention teams gain unprecedented capabilities to monitor real-time transactions which allows for proactive fraud prevention, resulting in significant reductions in fraud-related losses. 

The key benefits of Real-Time Monitoring include:

  • Real-Time Monitoring provides a holistic view of transactions, enabling thorough evaluation to identify potential fraud. 
  • Block suspicious transactions in sub-seconds, stopping potential fraud in real time. 
  • Provide a better seamless customer experience by reducing the risk of flagging legitimate transactions as fraudulent by whitelisting trusted customers. 

“As the industry and payment landscape becomes more real-time, the solutions companies have traditionally used have not evolved fast enough. With Real-Time Monitoring, companies can be confident that they have the controls to mitigate real-time risk.” said Ian Macallister, Chief Operating Officer of Unit21. 

“Real Time Monitoring is awesome because it helps limit human interactions. Right now, our departments are manually reviewing transactions so when we automate the decision tree, it will free up our time to focus on riskier transactions and entities,” said Luz Mabel del Valle, Chief Risk Officer at FV Bank. 

Unit21 is committed to delivering industry-leading solutions that streamline risk management, empower fraud prevention and AML compliance teams with tools that adapt to the dynamic landscape of financial crime prevention. With Real-Time Monitoring, Unit21 continues to lead the change in redefining how organizations approach risk and compliance. 


About Unit21

Unit21 is on a mission to unite the world’s fraud fighters and AML heroes to see the financial ecosystem restored to the pathway of opportunity it was meant to be. We specialize in delivering solutions that don’t just identify but proactively mitigate risks tied to money laundering, fraud, and other illicit activities. Uniquely positioned to solve the problem of financial crime and well-funded, we have raised close to $100 million from Google, Tiger Global and other leading VCs. 

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