Money20/20 Las Vegas: What To Know Before You Go (2023)

September 22, 2023

And just like that, Money20/20 Las Vegas is just around the corner. If you attended last year’s event, you probably remember it as a blur of innovative insights, new connections, and iconic industry knowledge bombs dropping around every corner of the expo show floor.

Thousands of people flooded the Venetian hotel flashing badges, drinking coffee, and exchanging business cards, all in the name of following the latest trends and developments in the Fintech landscape.    

To get you ready for the exciting experience yet again, we’ve created this article to help you understand:

  • What to expect at Money20/20 2023
  • Fintech trends leading up to the event, and
  • Key highlights that you won’t want to miss 

Let’s get to it!

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What to Expect at Money20/20 USA 2023 in Las Vegas

3 Key Fintech Trends to be Discussed at Money20/20

AI & Machine Learning:

In line with what the industry is regarding the most prevalent trends in Fintech, this year’s Money20/20 agenda emphasizes the transformative power of AI and ML in the fintech sector.

These technologies are enhancing banking, payments, investments, and risk management. With users' increasing tech-savviness, AI and ML's application in automating processes like loan origination and fraud protection is becoming more prevalent.

Embedded Finance: 

Unsurprisingly, embedded finance, a concept that allows financial services and products to be integrated within other platforms or apps, offering users a seamless financial experience, is again heavily underscored in the agenda this year.

Examples include the "Buy Now Pay Later" model, which is rapidly gaining traction.

Open Banking: 

Open banking technology is another focal point in the Money20/20 discussions. This technology allows customers to securely share their financial data with third parties, offering them more control over their finances.

It paves the way for innovative products and services, enhancing efficiency through data exchange. Open banking is revolutionizing how individuals manage their finances and interact with financial institutions.

Key Money20/20 Agenda Themes to Note

Money20/20's 2023 agenda is not just a list of topics; it's a compelling narrative that paints a picture of the evolving Fintech market.

Here are the themes running through this year’s agenda that attendees can anticipate:

Trust & Uncertainty: 

In a world where only 2% of Financial Services Brands were deemed strongly trustworthy in 2022, the industry grapples with widespread fraud, from corporate scandals to identity theft.

The challenge isn't just about addressing these issues but rebuilding trust from the ground up. Collaboration across the sector is vital, and there's a glimmer of hope with regulatory clarity on the horizon.

Creative Destruction & A Technological Renaissance: 

As we seek to rebuild trust, a technological renaissance is underway. Disruptive innovations are challenging tech giants, with technologies like blockchain finding genuine utility beyond the crypto headlines.

Fusing fintech and traditional financial services signifies a new era where they are no longer distinct but intertwined.

Age of Fundamentals: 

The financial world is undergoing a recalibration. Gone are the days of momentum-driven growth without a clear path to profitability.

The focus shifts to real revenue, sustainable profit margins, and substantial business models. The once-glorified unicorns now need to prove their worth with tangible metrics.

It’s Time to Build (Utility): 

The industry is pivoting from surface-level innovations to building foundational utility. This 'invisible innovation' might not always be apparent to the average consumer but is crucial for the sector's evolution.

The emphasis is on solving real-world problems, with many opportunities lying outside the spotlight of popular trends.

Unit21 at Money20/20 Las Vegas

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect at the event, here’s what you can expect from Unit21. Save room in your event calendar for the following Unit21-specific activities.

[PANEL] Opening Pandora’s Box: Real-time Payments, Fraud, and FedNow

Session Details: 

With the launch of FedNow, preventing RTP fraud and avoiding another Zelle situation is crucial as consumers faced $8.8 billion in fraud in 2022. This panel will discuss why fintech companies must identify system loopholes and think about preventative measures to ensure a safe financial future for all.

Featuring expert voices from Acceleron Bank, Service Credit Union, and Unit21’s CEO and Co-Founder, Trisha Kothari, this not-to-be-missed session will occur on Monday, October 23rd at 2:15pm on the Black Box Stage. 

In the session, panelists will discuss: 

  • What FedNow adoption looks like since the July launch
  • Their perspectives on Zelle, FedNow, RTPs
  • How to make a business case for FedNow
  • Reasons and concerns surrounding FedNow
  • How the fraud landscape evolved since the introduction of real-time payments
  • How we can avoid another Zelle situation 
  • Recommended controls companies can put in place to protect against fast fraud

If you’ve been following along with the launch of FedNow, you won’t want to miss this engaging conversation. 

Activate: Treasury Prime Event

Explore the world of embedded finance in an immersive setting at Treasury Prime’s Activate User Conference, taking place during Money20/20 at Trustworthy Brewing Co.

Unit21’s Trisha Kothari will be participating in a “The Future of AI in Banking” panel on October 24th, alongside Mark Vermeersch, Chief Platform Officer, Treasury Prime, Natasha Vernier, CEO & Co-founder, Cable, and Soups Ranjan, CEO & Co-founder, Sardine. The panel will take place from 2:30 - 3:10pm PT. 

Register to attend the conference here - no Money20/20 badge required!

Money20/20 Private After Hours Dinner 

Looking for a taste of luxury while soaking up everything that Money20/20 has to offer? Join Unit21 and a collection of Risk & Compliance leaders for an invitation-only dinner at Delmonico Steakhouse, Venetian Resort & Casino.

Request an invite for the chance to network and enjoy a delicious meal and tasty libations with other industry professionals. 

If you are in the fraud prevention or fintech compliance space, you won’t want to miss this intimate event. Space is limited, so request a seat at the table today!

Meet the Unit21 Team at Booth

Looking for a break from all the chaos? Be sure to stop by booth #13239 to create a custom t-shirt! We’ll have a screen printing station offering unique AML and compliance-themed designs for you to choose from.

Interested in learning more about Unit21? Schedule an in-person demo and earn yourself a FinCrime Fighters Kit (containing a printed copy of the Fraud Fighters Manual and a branded Stanley Traveler cup) as our gift to you.

Hope to see you there!

Money20/20 Las Vegas 2023: Concluding Thoughts

Money20/20 promises to be a hub of discussions on the future of Fintech, focusing on integrating advanced technologies to enhance user experience, streamline financial processes, and foster innovation.

Attendees can expect in-depth insights into these trends and more, offering a glimpse into the future of the financial sector. We’re excited to join Fintech’s biggest conversation and can’t wait to see you there!

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