How Unit21's Risk & Compliance Infrastructure Simplifies AML Compliance

August 24, 2023

In this quick video demo, discover how Unit21's Risk & Compliance Infrastructure simplifies AML Compliance. Watch now for details!

Unit21 for AML Compliance: Video Overview

Tired of navigating inefficient processes and being overly reliant on engineering resources in your AML investigations? Discover how Unit21’s Infrastructure simplifies AML compliance, empowering you to effortlessly create, test, and tune rules with an 'Out of the Box' Library that eliminates the need for constant engineering support.

Streamline your focus and optimize your team’s efforts with Unit21’s Alert Queues and prioritization features. Our video showcases how you can gain immediate clarity on where to direct your attention, using intuitive workflows, checklists, and automation that transform cumbersome investigation processes into a seamless experience.

Dive into the Alerts Dashboard with network analysis, a feature designed to provide AML investigators with a profound understanding of what each investigation is flagging. Plus, learn how Unit21’s automated SAR filing can save you hours of valuable time, allowing you to concentrate on the analysis that matters most, catching financial crime (not paperwork).

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