Discover the Power of Proactive Fraud Detection with Unit21

September 21, 2023

The world of financial services is fraught with potential pitfalls, especially when it comes to fraud. In this video demo, viewers are introduced to Unit21's fraud detection and prevention capabilities. Here's a brief overview of what we covered, why it's essential for businesses, and what you stand to gain by watching.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the methods of those wishing to exploit it.

The good news is that with tools like Unit21, businesses have a formidable ally in the fight against fraud. In this video, we will explore how Unit21 helps financial organizations:

  1. Understand Modern Fraud Challenges: Fraud detection isn't just about catching bad actors at the entrance. It's about monitoring them continuously, ensuring they aren't finding new ways to exploit systems. This video highlights the importance of ongoing customer activity monitoring.
  2. Discover Innovative Solutions: With the rise of sophisticated fraud schemes, the old methods of detection might not suffice. This video showcases how Unit21's graph based rules can help businesses detect complex fraud patterns and act on them promptly.
  3. Empower Teams with No-Code Tools: Coding and engineering resources are precious. By using Unit21's no-code rule builders, teams can respond to emerging fraud patterns swiftly, without always relying on technical teams.

5 Reasons to Adopt Unit21 for Fraud Detection and Prevention

  1. The Power of Continuous Monitoring: The demo emphasizes the importance of not just onboarding checks but also the continuous monitoring of customer activities. By doing so, you can detect suspicious links among users, uncovering potential fraud rings, ban evasion tactics, and more.
  2. Flexibility in Data Ingestion: Unlike traditional systems that focus mainly on transactions, Unit21 can ingest a variety of data, from password changes to login attempts. This comprehensive approach increases the chances of catching malicious activities.
  3. Real-time Rule Building: Stopping fraudsters as they act is crucial. The video demonstrates how real-time rules can help flag suspicious transactions immediately, whether they deviate from a customer's historical behavior or originate from high-risk sources.
  4. Efficient Alert Management: With numerous alerts popping up, it's essential to prioritize them. Unit21's machine learning model scores each alert based on its importance, ensuring that high-priority threats are addressed first.
  5. Holistic View for Fraud Prevention: Rather than just detecting fraud, Unit21's tools give businesses a comprehensive view of their data. This holistic perspective facilitates the transition from mere detection to proactive fraud prevention.

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