How Bakkt Uses Unit21 to Get to a 15% False Positive Rate compared to industry averages of 90%+
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How Today’s Crypto Organizations Can Fight Fraud & Stay Compliant

Discover how to fight fraud, operationalize compliance, and build a compliance-first culture at your cryptocurrency organization with input from three industry experts.

Unit21’s CEO and Co-Founder, Trisha Kothari, recently hosted a webinar all about how crypto companies can fight fraud and stay compliant amidst the insanely fast-growing ecosystem and consistently evolving challenges facing businesses in this budding industry.

Joining her is BitPay’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Eden Doniger, along with’s Chief Compliance Officer, Antonio Alvarez.

BitPay is the world's leading cryptocurrency payment processor, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. is a full-service consumer finance company that is looking to harvest the power and innovation of crypto to provide additional value to consumers around the world for their financial needs and to enable them to grow.

Together, they explore various topics from operationalizing compliance teams to regulation preparation. 

If you are a founder struggling to demystify the complexity of compliance, this webinar is for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • The first steps a new crypto company should take from a risk and compliance standpoint
  • The common risk and compliance mistakes new companies make that haunt them down the road (and how to avoid them)
  • When and how to evaluate blockchain analytics tools
  • The benefits of building a compliance-first culture and how to develop a compliance-by-design mindset
  • Who to hire for risk and compliance roles 
  • And more!

Eden Doniger
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

C-suite executive and legal and compliance officer for global blockchain/cryptocurrency payments fintech company. Almost 20 years of legal experience at top law firms, a Fortune 100 global corporation, and now at a fast-growing, cutting edge fintech. I am passionate about innovation and love to work with smart, fun people from around the world.

Antonio Alvarez
Chief Compliance Officer

Member of the global leadership team responsible for the design, implementation and scaling up of the regulatory compliance program for the company in the demanding context of an exponentially growing business. Previously led compliance at Coinme, Coinbase, Yapstone, Western Union, Visa, and American Express.