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How Sponsor Banks Ignite the FinTech Revolution

Why should banks consider sponsor models? How can sponsor banks help FinTechs mitigate challenges? Get answers to these questions and more in this exciting webinar.

Ryan Bowen, Unit21’s Head of Sales, recently hosted a webinar on the topic of how sponsor banks are igniting the FinTech revolution. 

Joined by Rodrigo Suarez, Head of Innovation at Piermont Bank, and Brian Fellows, Director of Risk Management and Compliance Officer at NBKC Bank, this unique event focuses on the paradigm shift of banks working with FinTechs, why banks should be considering sponsor models, and what the greatest challenges for sponsor banks are.

Brian manages the risk management function at NBKC, which operates a number of different FinTech programs mainly on the deposit side — checking, savings, debit card programs and the like. 

Rodrigo runs Piermont Bank’s banking-as-a-service and broader FinTech and innovation banking business. Piermont is a traditional bank that also operates like a startup or a FinTech, bridging the gap between those two worlds.

If you represent a sponsor bank and are looking to get into this space or come from a FinTech  that is hoping to identify the right model to launch a new product (or expand into financial services), this webinar is for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why banks are interested in the sponsor model
  • How sponsor banks can help FinTechs to mitigate challenges
  • Ways to balance a bank’s regulatory oversight needs with a FinTech’s need for innovation
  • How FinTechs build trust with partner banks in terms of data privacy, data security and the use of AI
  • And more!