Unlocking the Power of AI with Our February Product Updates

February 29, 2024

In the era of large language models (LLM) powered by deep learning algorithms, AI has emerged as a game-changer, offering insights with the confidence of a subject matter expert. So, should we all retire and let the machines take over? Not so fast.

At Unit21, we believe in harnessing the capabilities of AI to empower organizations in combating financial crimes more effectively. In our latest product update, we’re excited to introduce our innovative GenAI (Generative AI) features designed to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and ensure a safer financial environment. 

📣 Key Feature Announcements

Ask Your Data

Customer Problem: 

In today’s data-driven world, top-performing fraud and AML teams rely heavily on data analysis. However, being truly data-driven often requires significant resources and technical expertise. Teams struggle to interact with their data in a way that is both powerful and easy to use, hindering their ability to make informed decisions and optimize performance. 

Our Solution: 

Our Ask Your Data feature revolutionizes data analysis for fraud and AML teams by eliminating the need for specialized data analysts or technical expertise. With this tool, teams can ask questions directly from their data, from specific inquiries like “how many alerts were dispositioned as true positives in the past 6 months” to “can you identify any interesting patterns in this data.” By empowering teams to make better data-driven decisions and optimize risk processes, we enable them to catch more bad actors and enhance overall team efficiency. 

AI Copilot

Customer Problem: 

Operational efficiency is hindered when teams struggle to distinguish real threats from false positives, especially when faced with a high volume of alerts. This problem is compounded by the uncertainty analysts experience regarding the next steps in their investigation process - should they investigate, escalate or close the alert? 

Our Solution: 

AI Copilot is a game-changing addition that is built to help agents resolve alerts as quickly and efficiently as possible. Built upon our cutting-edge machine learning (ML) model, the AI Copilot takes user experience to the next level by transforming ML insights into easily understandable, natural language. By simplifying the interpretation of alert data, this feature revolutionizes the decision-making process for fraud and AML teams by empowering them to navigate alerts rapidly and precisely. 

With these innovative genAI features, Unit21 is redefining the future of financial crime detection and prevention. Keep fighting the good fight and know that we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Interested in learning more? Contact us to schedule a demo today by going to: https://www.unit21.ai/schedule-demo.

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