Unit21’s 2023 Product Highlights: A Year of Growth and Innovation

January 23, 2024

As we reflect on 2023, it has been a year of substantial growth and product innovation at Unit21. Our team has rolled out more than 150 new features and significant product updates. In this blog post, we highlight some of the standout features released last year. 

Accelerating Integration


Flat-File Ingestion Pathway (FFIP) revolutionizes data integration by streamlining the process and significantly reducing setup time. With FFIP, you can directly upload raw data in familiar formats like CSV or JSON. Once uploaded, our Implementation team takes over, efficiently managing the integration process. This approach not only simplifies your involvement but also drastically reduces the engineering time required to establish a new pipeline. For many of our customers, this means setting up a fully functional data pipeline in less than a day, making FFIP a highly efficient and user-friendly solution for data integration. 

Read about FFIP’s impact in our collaboration with Stout, showcasing a significant reduction in project completion time and costs. Check out the case study

Advancements in Rule Creation

Graph-Based Rules 

Calling all Fraud Fighters! We enhanced our ability to detect accounts linked in suspicious ways. Our customers use Graph-Based Rules to identify Ban Evasion, Promotion Abuse Fraud Rings, Collusion and Duplicate Accounts and to match Account and Routing Numbers. 

Real-Time Monitoring

At Unit21, we empower organizations to monitor transactions faster than the blink of an eye! Our industry reading response times make us the preferred vendor of choice for a wide range of clients, most of whom need an API that efficiently works with their latency requirements. 

Learn about how our Real-Time Monitoring solution transformed our customer Rho’s fraud prevention strategy in our customer spotlight webinar

Fraud Prevention with the Consortium

Fraud DAO

Unit21’s Fraud DAO leverages collective intelligence from our consortium network, providing a comprehensive view of risk indicators. Since its launch, the Fraud DAO has seen immense growth, now encompassing over 35 million user identities. 

“The most important insight gained is whether or not the customer committed fraud elsewhere in the past.” - Metal Pay

Discover how the Fraud DAO helped Metal Pay prevent 50% more fraud. Check out the case study. 

Streamlining Investigation Processes

Quality Control (QC)

Most AML teams have a QC process, but the standard of “quality” is defined differently at each organization. Our QC feature is tailored to fit the unique standards of different organizations. 

Explore our public docs to learn more. 

Transaction Analysis Tab

Investigators can spend hours adding transaction data into a case, eg: one client spent over 10 hours adding +1000 transactions because they accidentally deleted them halfway. With this new feature, our customers can bulk add transactions to a case with just a few clicks! Imagine the significant time savings your team will experience thanks to this streamlined process!

Entity Centric Investigations

This highly requested feature focuses on investigating entities, providing a more efficient approach to managing alerts. Customers can easily address all alerts tied to an entity with a single click! Reach out for a demo from Unit21 today as your teams will see a significant boost in managing and resolving alerts!

New Filing Capabilities

Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs)

Filing CTRs is now more straightforward than ever. Create CTRs directly from alerts! Save time and minimize errors by using our auto-fill option for certain sections of the form.

Learn more in our public docs


We’ve introduced 314(a) automation in our platform. Simply upload the 314(a) files in Unit21 with no formatting required and get alerted for any potential matches. Save your team hours by avoiding manual checks and reviews in spreadsheets.

Learn more in our public docs

As we continue to innovate, our focus remains on creating solutions and features that enhance your fraud and AML processes. Thank you for being part of this journey and stay tuned for more exciting developments from Unit21!

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