Unit21 Unveils Innovative AI-Powered Features to Revolutionize Fraud and AML Operations

March 4, 2024

LAS VEGAS, March 4, 2024 – Unit21, a leading provider in Fraud and AML solutions, today unveiled its new AI-powered features at Fintech Meetup. The innovative Ask Your Data and AI Copilot tools are designed to significantly enhance the decision-making capabilities and operational efficiency of fraud analysts, compliance officers, and risk managers. 

Ask Your Data is the market-first AI-driven data analysis tool purpose built for the financial crime sector. With its conversational interface, users can query their data in plain English, making complex data analysis accessible and actionable. From identifying transaction patterns to predictive analytics, Ask Your Data facilitates a deeper understanding of trends in an organization’s data and the health of their risk program.

AI Copilot is designed to help fraud and AML analysts resolve alerts with unparalleled efficiency. By offering contextual guidance, suggesting decisions, and providing transparent explanations, the AI Copilot is like an experienced and omniscient mentor that empowers analysts to quickly determine what data should be considered in their decisions. This allows analysts to address risky alerts effectively, while spending less time on false positives.

“Fraud and AML teams are often bogged down by the sheer volume of data and manual processes,” said Trisha Kothari, CEO of Unit21. “With Ask Your Data and AI Copilot, we are empowering teams with more control over their data, enabling them to respond more effectively to threats.” 

To learn more about Unit21, please visit booth #515 at Fintech Meetup where we will be showcasing our solutions.  Ask Your Data is the first generative AI analytics tool to be uniquely optimized for the financial crime space. 


About Unit21

Unit21 is on a mission to unite the world’s fraud fighters and AML heroes to see the financial ecosystem restored to the pathway of opportunity it was meant to be. We specialize in solutions that don’t just identify but proactively mitigate risks tied to money laundering, fraud, and other illicit activities. Uniquely positioned to solve the problem of financial crime and well-funded, we have raised close to $100 million from Google, Tiger Global, and other leading VCs. 

Learn more about our Risk & Compliance infrastructure at Unit21.ai

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