Unit21 at ACAMS 2023 Las Vegas

September 15, 2023

As the world gradually transitions from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of staying updated in the Risk & Compliance sector has never been more crucial.

From the ever-evolving nature of old-school frauds and scams to the technological advancements that serve both sides of the law, the financial crime landscape is a blend of the familiar and the new. 

This year's ACAMS conference (called “The Assembly”) in Las Vegas promises to be a melting pot of insights, strategies, and networking opportunities for professionals dedicated to fighting financial crime.

For those who haven’t attended in the past, ACAMS stands as the largest international membership organization for Anti-Financial Crime professionals. Their mission is to empower individuals and organizations in their fight against financial crime through thought leadership, professional education, and a robust peer network.

Unit21, as a proud sponsor of The Assembly, is thrilled to provide a sneak peek into what this year's event holds, as well as a detailed overview of our involvement and offerings. 

Let's dive in.

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What to Expect at ACAMS 2023 in Las Vegas

This year, ACAMS aims to equip its attendees with both proficiency and purpose, essential tools in the pursuit of the AML and AFC mission. Over the span of three days at The Assembly Las Vegas, participants will have the opportunity to:

Engage with thought leaders and expert practitioners from both public and private sectors.

Gain insights from compliance and law enforcement professionals.

Attend top sessions such as:

  • Seeking Clarity: Implementation Status of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)
  • Compliance Dilemmas and Decisions Around Digital Assets
  • When Bank Meets Badge: Best Practices for AML/AFC Issues Involving Law Enforcement
  • Shifting the Spotlight to Sanctions Evasion

Featuring over 100 expert speakers, 30+ curated sessions, and 3 full days of training and networking, The Assembly will be abundant with AFC insights, guaranteeing you depart with practical knowledge to implement in your organization. 

Unit21 at ACAMS Las Vegas

As an integral part of the ACAMS conference, Unit21 has a plethora of activities lined up:

Meet the Team at Booth 339:

Visit our booth (#339) during the expo days (10/2 - 10/4) and get a hands-on experience with our onsite t-shirt screen printing. Discover how Unit21 can elevate your risk and compliance program while you're there. 

We are offering a free “FinCrime Fighters Kit” which includes a hard copy of the Fraud Fighters Manual and a branded Stanley traveler cup to anyone interested in taking a demo of Unit21, so sign up here to save your spot.

We look forward to meeting you!


Private Networking Event: Women in Compliance

Join us on October 2nd for the Women In Compliance networking event. This event promises to be a platform for networking, sharing, and empowerment.

Unit21 is proud to host an exclusive evening dedicated to Women In Compliance during this year's ACAMS conference. This event promises to be a blend of networking, insightful discussions, and a celebration of women's contributions to the compliance industry.

We are honored to have Lisa Lechner, Chief Compliance Officer at SpotOn, as our featured speaker for the evening. Lisa will delve into a range of topics that are crucial for women in the compliance sector:

  • Strategies for carving out a successful career in compliance.
  • The importance of building champions and fostering supportive 360-degree teams.
  • Navigating and sidestepping challenges that can impede career growth.
  • Addressing current industry challenges and the innovative solutions being implemented to tackle them.

The Women In Compliance event is more than just a gathering; it's a platform for women in the industry to connect, share experiences, and uplift each other. We look forward to an evening of enriching conversations and forging new connections. 

Given the exclusivity of the event, space is limited. We encourage you to RSVP at the earliest to ensure your spot at this unique gathering.

See you there!

Private Welcome Dinner

Mark your calendars for October 3rd! Join Unit21 and other leading compliance professionals for an exclusive dinner at Carbone. It's an opportunity to connect, discuss, and relax with peers in the industry.

Connect with other top professionals in risk and compliance in this intimate setting to:

  • Connect with your peers
  • Discuss industry trends
  • Enjoy drinks and a great meal! 


Visit the event registration page here to request a seat at the table.

See you there!

ACAMS 2023 Las Vegas: Concluding Thoughts

Participants of ACAMS 2023 are set to leave with more than just enhanced knowledge. The event promises life-long connections, firsthand encounters with innovations, and memorable experiences centered around best practices in fighting financial crime.

We eagerly anticipate participating in this year's event and hope to connect with you, be it at our booth or any of our special events.

To schedule a face-to-face meeting with a member of the Unit21 team during the event, click here to book your slot

See you in Las Vegas!

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