Alto Partners with Unit21 to Enhance Safety and Reduce Fraud

December 1, 2022

Alto, a ride-sharing network, has partnered with Unit21 to enhance the rider and driver experience and reduce fraud loss. Alto is unique in its approach to ride-sharing in that they employ drivers as W-2 employees. With drivers pre-vetted, they are already ahead of the curve in providing a safe experience for their members. With Unit21, Alto wants to go one step further.

"Our goal has always been to build a safe community for all members. With that in mind, we're excited to collaborate with Unit21 to improve our ability to detect fraudulent riders," says Jacob Wilson, Alto’s Data and Analytics Lead.

Alto is using both Unit21's detection and investigation features. 

For detection, Alto is leveraging both Unit21’s pre-built rules as well as their no-code rules engine. Pre-built rules cover a number of common use cases including, identifying previously banned users creating new accounts on the platform, single users creating duplicate accounts, account takeovers, and promotion abuse.

Like many fraud teams, Alto had been relying on data exports and manual queries to suspicious patterns of behavior among their riders. Using Unit21’s no-code rules engine, Alto is able to quickly create, test, and deploy custom rules against all their data in real-time, allowing them to move as quickly as fraudsters.

For investigation, Alto uses Unit21’s case management tool. Having all alert-related information in one place, in a “single pane of glass” view, making the review process significantly faster, and increasing the efficiency of their team.

From there, Alto can take the appropriate steps to warn, suspend, or ban those users from the platform. Effective case management has shortened the time it takes to identify and remove fraudsters from the platform, directly impacting their bottom line.

As Alto’s business grows, they hope to work with Unit21 to be even more proactive, preventing fraudsters from accessing the platform altogether. 

"We look forward to enabling Alto to provide a safe community for all their users as they continue to rapidly and efficiently scale their business," says Sam O’Keefe, Head of Marketplace Fraud at Unit21.

To learn more about how Unit21 can help your business stay safe online, visit our Trust & Safety page.

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