Not your average check fraud webinar

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the latest check fraud statistics and trends
  • Insights into the dark web and social media's role in check fraud
  • Effective strategies for protecting your financial institution, and how predictive signals can help
  • Knowledge of emerging threats and preventive measures
  • Information on Unit21's new check fraud features

If you are a fraud practitioner from a bank or credit union, you don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable strategies to stay ahead in the fight against check fraud and safeguard your institution against these sophisticated fraud schemes.

About this webinar

Check fraud has evolved, presenting new challenges for financial institutions. While the daily use of checks declines, check fraud surges, leading to $24 billion in damages in 2023—roughly twice what it was just five years ago.

In this webinar, industry experts will delve into the latest trends and insights on check fraud, including the impact of mail theft on check fraud and emerging threats from the dark web and Telegram–informed by recent real-world examples.

This session will also include a special announcement about Unit21's upcoming suite of check fraud features, designed to enhance your fraud prevention efforts.

Featured speakers

Chief Operating Officer
VP, Enterprise Risk
Head of Fraud Insights

FAQ Section

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