Fraud Fighters Manual: RiskOps Best Practices with Lili, Unit21, & Choir

What you'll learn

  • Understand essential risk management roles and skills for your team's success (KYC, AML, EDD, transaction monitoring, fraud strategy, fraud detection).
  • Learn how to make a strong case for risk management investment by linking it to business objectives, benchmarking with similar companies, and assessing its potential impact.
  • Discover strategies to foster collaboration across teams and evaluate the effectiveness of your risk management strategies, ensuring compliance and continuous improvement.

About this webinar

Fraud risk management is vital for combating financial crime. It hinges on the right team, investments, and collaboration metrics. To explore this, Unit21's webinar features experts shedding light on these crucial areas.

In this exclusive webinar, Gil Rosenthal of choir and Jonathan Cohen of Lili discuss how an organization’s structure or industry can affect its risk operations needs.

Featured speakers

Senior Fraud Specialist
Head of Fraud Risk
Co-founder & CEO

FAQ Section

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