Banking on Insight: Billions of Points to Fraud Prevention

What you'll learn

Gain insights into effective strategies for early detection, managing risks, and staying ahead of evolving fraud patterns.

Checklist for Fraud Fighters:

  • Explore the latest fraud trends using data from more than 4B transactions.
  • Understand differences in fraud by channels, account tenure and dormancy.
  • Learn strategies for moving from fraud detection to fraud prevention.

About the webinar

Unlock the potential of data in fraud prevention by exploring  the latest fraud trends with extensive analysis of over 4 billion events.

Learn from industry experts Jo Davenport and Ian Macallister as they illuminate the nuances of fraud detection across account tenures, comparing traditional and fintech approaches, and highlighting the impact of account dormancy on security measures.

Featured speakers

Chief Operating Officer
SVP Fraud Director, CFCI

FAQ Section

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