Balancing Speed & Security in the Age of Same-Day ACH Transactions

What you'll learn

Navigate the new ACH landscape.

Be part of the industry discussion and see a product demo to understand how you can:

  • An increase in top-line by unlocking near-instant funds for your legitimate customers, resulting in customer adoption and business growth

  • Bottom-line savings by reducing fraud losses due to ACH returns, resulting in savings to your bottom line–that can then be used for business profitability

About the webinar

Faster transactions can increase fraud rates as malicious actors exploit the speed and loopholes of ACH systems to conduct unauthorized transactions before detection.

Watch this ondemand webinar as we dive into the tension between consumer demands for instant financial transactions and the heightened risks associated with ACH fraud.

We'll explore how innovative risk assessment tools enable real-time decision-making and ensure compliance with NACHA regulations.

Featured speakers

Customer Success Engineer
Head of Fraud Risk

FAQ Section

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