Fighting ACH Fraud: A Primer on Limiting Exposure and Risk


In this eBook, we'll shed light on why ACH Fraud is on the rise and how your financial organization can minimize risk. Download it now.

About This eBook

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is used by a broad number of financial institutions to handle money transfers such as bill payments, cash transfers, and direct deposits.

And while this payment method is popular and in the past has been perceived as low risk, a rising number of bad actors have begun using the ACH Network to scam innocent people and pull money directly from their bank accounts.

The only way to combat these increases in ACH fraud and keep your customers safe is by having the proper procedures and tools in place. In this eBook, we cover why ACH fraud is on the rise and what your financial organization can do to help minimize risk.

Here, you’ll discover:

  • What has caused ACH Fraud to become a popular method for scammers.
  • The controls that your organization should put in place to detect and prevent instances of ACH Fraud from occurring.
  • How a Unit21 customer used our transaction monitoring and link analysis solutions to successfully prevent an ACH fraud ring from taking advantage of their platform.