Confidence in Risk and Compliance: Modernizing Fraud and AML Management


Put risk and compliance teams in the driver's seat with automated and customizable tools. Download this eBook to learn more.

About This eBook

eBook: Confidence in Risk and Compliance. 
Modernizing Fraud and AML Management

Fraud and money laundering continue to increase in scale, speed and sophistication - threatening the revenue and growth of financial teams.

This eBook outlines:

  • The alarming rate at which bad actors are tapping into new outlets for fraud and money laundering, and the need for a more robust defense. 
  • How organizations can benefit from an integrated approach to fraud and AML to gain more visibility and address their shared goals. 
  • How to future-proof teams by balancing automation and control, and putting risk and compliance technology in the hands of practitioners themselves; not engineering. 

The ebook also showcases how two financial services leaders are using Unit21’s no-code and customizable platform to combat fraud and money laundering.