8 Step AML Compliance Checklist

 A 65-Point Framework for Success

Compliance teams are the critical gatekeepers responsible for identifying and putting a stop to financial crimes like money laundering. This interactive PDF checklist will help your organization successfully implement and monitor an effective AML program.

About This Checklist

Financial intelligence units (FIUs) have issued a record number of fines in the millions and tens of millions of dollars against organizations for not having an effective anti-money laundering compliance program.

Even as fines have been issued, financial organizations see regulatory expectations changing.

To protect them from high-risk transactions and potential bad actors, financial institutions must put processes and tools in place.

Although not containing everything needed for a perfect AML compliance program, the following eight-step checklist covers the main areas where a financial institution will need to have policies and practices in place.

Inside, we'll cover:

  • What to look for in a Chief Compliance Officer
  • How to perform a risk assessment
  • How to maintain your AML compliance program
  • The steps required to apply effective due diligence
  • What goes into a successful sanctions screening program
  • And more!