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Fraud Fighters Manual

The Ultimate Fraud Prevention Guide
for Fintech, Crypto, and Neobanks

Through six engaging chapters, get insights from fraud prevention experts at renowned Fintechs like Brex, Mercury, and Lithic.

The Manual gives readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of professionals who deal with fraud on a daily basis.

Fraud Prevention Stories

From Real Fraud Prevention Experts

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Fraud Fighters Manual
Chapter Overview

The six chapters of The Manual will act as a jumping-off point for fraud fighters to identify gaps in their current programs and inspire innovation where needed to fight financial crime effectively. Here's what you will learn in each one:

Know Your Fraudster

Robert Reynolds of Pinwheel offers examples of surprising fraud instances and discusses the most vulnerable processes fraudsters most frequently target.

Synthetic IDs

Unit21’s own Alex Faivusovich looks at why it is important to understand the various methods that fraudsters use to gain access to consumer information.

Crypto Fraud

Kevin Yang of Nibiru Chain discusses the need for organizations to vet crypto partners and protect themselves with robust KYC/KYB policies.

Account Takeovers

Kenny Grimes of Mercury and Tanya Corder of Treasury Prime dive into the four stages of ATO and the red flags to watch out for.

Fraud Detection 101

Zach Pierce of Lithic shares his thoughts on how to stay ahead of emerging threats using technology and ensure that best practices are being followed.

Risk Operations

Rajeev Muppala and Ali Rathod-Papier of Brex discuss how an organization’s structure or industry can affect its risk operations needs.

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The Contributors: What You'll Learn

Reader Reviews:

"Unit21's Fraud Fighters Manual gathers key insights on the latest fraud risk thinking from experts from across the industry. This book is a must-read for anyone whose role touches on fraud and fraud risk."

Jason Mikula
Fintech Business Weekly

"With its compelling six chapters, the manual holds the promise to help financial crime professionals gain a comprehensive understanding of fraud-related challenges and effective countermeasures and more."

Anna Stylianou
AML Cube

"I've got 23 fraud and AML-related books in my bookcase, but I've never been this excited to add another. Unit21's Fraud Fighters Manual is billed as a resource for the crypto and fintech industries, but I disagree... it belongs in everyone's collection."

Luke Raven
Senior AML Compliance Manager
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