Onboarding orchestration

Onboard Users with Scalable No-Code Workflows

Unit21 offers an operating engine with custom workflows and automation to combine KYC/KYB data with other data sources to onboard users. Create frictionless and custom user journeys at scale and bring in any data from a provider of your choice. The Onboarding Orchestrator also directly connects to case management to review alerts.

Scalable, No-Code Workflows

Build automated and customized workflows to scale KYC and KYB verifications, and reduce review time and costs

Leverage Case Management

Manage alerts effectively and reduce investigation time with direct integration into Unit21's case management system

Open and Flexible

Bring your own KYC/KYB data partner or custom data to create personalized and automated onboarding journeys from the Unit21 dashboard

Easily create custom Automated workflows

Scalable, No-Code Workflows

Create onboarding workflows to verify customers and businesses using KYC/KYB data sources of your choice with a simple drag-and-drop interface.  Automate workflows for verifying good users and blocking fraudulent users.

Scalable, No-Code Workflows Feature Image
Integrated Alert Management Feature Image
Seamlessly resolve alerts in case management

Integrated Alert Management

Identity verification alerts connect directly into Unit21’s case management system. Teams can easily review why a user was flagged and immediately approve or ban them.

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