Introducing Real Time Monitoring and Other September Product Updates

October 5, 2023

Welcome to our monthly product update! At Unit21, our mission is to keep you at the forefront of the battle against financial crime. This month, we’re thrilled to unveil 16 exciting updates that took place in September, designed to boost speed and enhance your overall experience. 

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📣 Key Feature Announcements

Real-Time Monitoring for Lightning-Fast Responses

Customer Problem: 

We understand that organizations need a flexible and customizable real-time fraud strategy to combat real-time threats efficiently.

Organizations who want a real time fraud solution typically have a hard time finding one that they can use since they often face the challenge of limited control over their authorization flows, despite having access to them. Typically, they have a mere 500 milliseconds to respond to a transaction. 

The Solution: 

With our new real-time monitoring feature, you can now evaluate transactions within Unit21 in real-time. In fact, we’ve optimized it to block transactions in just 250 milliseconds!

Additionally, this feature automatically logs rule evaluations and allows you to generate alerts without any additional engineering effort. By blocking transactions during the card authorization flow, you’ll reduce the number of manual reviews required, leading to faster handle times and improved customer satisfaction. For more information about this feature, check out our Real Time Monitoring solution sheet. 

AskUnit21 Docs: Your Personal Documentation Assistant. 

Customer Problem: 

We get it. Product documentation is essential, especially with a complex B2B SaaS product like ours. But, scrolling and searching for answers can be time consuming and waiting for a response from customer success can equally be frustrating. 

The Solution: 

Introducing AskUnit21 Docs! - an AI-powered chat function designed to make your life easier. Instead of endlessly scrolling and searching, simply ask your questions directly on the documentation page and let our AI guide you to the answers you need.

Our AI model has been meticulously trained on Unit21’s extensive documentation. Whether you have simple questions like ‘how do I set up a rule’ or more complex questions like ‘how do I establish a QC process’ - our AI has you covered. This feature is live so give it a try today!

Keep fighting the good fight, and know that we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Contact us (link to anytime with questions or support needs.

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