49 Updates to Unit21 to Help You!

May 5, 2023

We are thrilled to share our latest updates with you!

Over the past two months, our team at Unit21 has released 49 updates, including three major features, to support your risk and compliance professionals to catch and stop bad actors effectively.

These updates, designed with your feedback in mind, will give you the tools you need to tackle the challenges you face and improve your ability to detect and prevent bad actors.

As a Unit21 customer, you have immediate access to these powerful updates!

If you're not a customer, we would love to connect with you and show you how Unit21 risk and compliance infrastructure can support your effort to stop bad actors.

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📣 Key Feature Announcements

Alert Group By Entity


Customers currently face difficulties prioritizing and assigning alerts on an entity basis. This leads to inefficiencies in the alert assignment and review process that slow our customers down.


Streamline your alert reviews by grouping alerts by the entity on the My Alerts, Queued Alerts, and Admin alerts pages.

Improved Address Matching in GBR


Bad actors can be challenging to catch as they often change their information slightly to create new accounts, including slight changes to their address information. This can result in bad actors returning to your platform and fraud rings going unnoticed for detrimental periods of time.


Find matching accounts based on various field levels, not just an exact match. This means that you can identify linked accounts to stop fraud rings and bad actors from signing back up before they can do any damage.

Ingest External Alerts


Customers have alerts across various systems that are either internally built or from other vendor solutions. Causing confusion about which alerts need to be part of investigations vs not. Resulting in filings or investigations being half done or requiring a lot more engineering support to get these alerts into Unit21’s case management system.


Now you can directly import and ingest external alerts into Unit21 without using use engineering resources. Using our Rapid Ingestor, quickly import your external alerts into Unit21 and keep all your investigations in one place. This means faster and more efficient investigations for you without requiring engineering support!


Contact us at support@unit21.ai anytime with questions or support needs.

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