37 Updates to Help You Catch Bad Actors!

June 8, 2023

We are excited to share the latest product updates that took place in the month of May! 

We’ve worked hard to enhance our platform and equip your investigation teams with the tools needed to fight financial crime effectively. 

In total, we released 37 product updates and want to highlight three key features that will significantly impact your risk and compliance efforts.

As a Unit21 customer, you have immediate access to these powerful updates! We encourage you to explore and leverage these new features to strengthen your financial crime prevention measures.

If you are not currently a Unit21 customer, we would love to connect with you and demonstrate how our infrastructure can support your effort to stop nefarious criminals.

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📣 Key Feature Announcements

Use Graph Based Rules to Match Bank Account and Routing Numbers

Customer Problem: 

Our customers often face the challenge of fraudsters using the same bank information to deceive them while appearing as separate entities. Identifying connections between fraudsters and linked payments was challenging, particularly since the data is being sent as ‘custom data.’

The Solution: 

Our latest update lets customers label their data during rule creation and leverage graph-based rules to uncover linked payment information across entities proactively. This feature brings in several benefits for different stakeholders involved.


  • Administrators can label account and routing numbers with a few clicks
  • Engineers don’t need to modify their data-sending process
  • Managers can catch more fraudsters without relying on engineering resources 
  • Agents can review alerts and take preventive actions against fraudulent activity

Improved Case Narratives

The Problem: 

The inability to write narratives at the case level presents a significant challenge for investigators who are compelled to use external documents or notepads to document their findings and subsequently manually transfer the narrative into the SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) form. This manual process can compromise the accuracy and efficiency of investigations.

The Solution: 

With narratives now available at the case level, investigators using Unit21 can create custom templates and write their narratives throughout the investigation process. This streamlined workflow allows investigators to seamlessly document their findings, observations, and analysis within the Unit21 platform, improving accuracy and productivity.

Filter Redesign

The Problem: 

The design of filters plays a critical role in their effectiveness, and poor filter design can make it challenging for investigators to refine the data set to focus on the specific information they need for their investigators. 

The Solution: 

We revamped our filters to enhance speed and efficiency while optimizing visual space to allow risk and compliance teams to focus on their data. Additionally, we have expanded the range of supported filter operators, including ‘not,’ ‘contains all,’ and ‘is empty,’ etc…so our users can find their data better. 

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