Milestone Alert: Unit21 is Officially 100 Employees and Counting!

January 28, 2022

This week, we’re thrilled to be celebrating a new milestone at Unit21 as we reach the 100 employee mark.

In just a few short years, Unit21 has gone from a budding startup to a thriving organization with team members all over the world. Having now reached the 100-employee milestone, we’d like to fill you in on some of the other amazing achievements we reached as a team in 2021, as well as introduce you to our 100th member.

2021: Year in Review

2021 was an exciting year for Unit21. We monitored over $40 billion of transactions, saw our customers like Bakkt and Lili Banking reduce false positives by 85% and fraud loss by 50%, and reduced our customer service response times by 50%.

Here’s a quick look at some Unit21 highlights from 2021:

While 2021 was eventful, there is so much more to come in 2022. We’ve already had a wonderful company offsite where those who were comfortable were able to meet in person and enjoy some well-deserved time together as a team.

And now that we are back in action, it gives us great pleasure to announce our 100th employee, Jawaan Cole.

Meet Our 100th Employee: Jawaan Cole

He comes to us with over 13 years of professional experience in recruiting, joining our People team as our new GTM Recruiting Lead. Based in Seattle, Washington, Jawaan will be focused on helping us build out our go-to-market teams. Welcome, Jawaan!

“I have always been motivated and found energy in people and growth. I started my career in sales with these motivations in mind.  My transition to recruiting was because I found a passion in the personal aspect of helping secure people’s stability and future. I was attracted to Unit 21 for the same reasons, everyone I met with was passionate about what they were doing as an individual and a team, they all seemed eager to be a part of something larger!”

Final Thoughts

This milestone is not just another number for us. Unit21’s rapid growth is a testament to the great work of everyone on the team as we strive to reach our goals.

From the beginning, we have been a team, and our combined efforts have allowed us to achieve great things for our customers, with no signs of slowing down. So, if you are interested in being part of our amazing team, be sure to check out our open positions.


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