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february 23, 9:00 am Pacific

Scenario Model Builder

The Scenario Model Builder allows users to develop rules to identify and flag suspicious transactions.

This webinar will:

>  Provide a general overview of the Scenario Model Builder
>  Review available scenario options, and ways to adjust
     scenarios to fit your business purpose

>  Answer common questions and address challenges

This webinar will:

>  Explore using the insights dashboard

>  Focus on internal and external reporting

>  Discuss how to maximize information available in Unit21

March 9, 9:00 am Pacific

Insights and Reporting

Unit21 offers the ability to identify inefficiencies, to customize dashboards and charts, and generate reports to review customer risk, effectiveness, and to support your risk and compliance programs.

APRIL 13, 9:00 am Pacific

Dynamic Model Builder

The Dynamic Model Builder (DMB) provides users with the option to create customizable and flexible rules to monitor and identify transactions.

This webinar will:

>  Introduce the Dynamic Model Builder

>  Review flows and useful customizable rules scenarios

>  Answer questions

Webinar Facilitators

James Gammon

Customer Support Specialist

Becky Fuys

Customer Success Manager

Hana Bendy

Customer Success Manager

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