Simplify & Automate AML Compliance with Unit21

Proactively protect your organization from financial crimes, comply with global regulatory standards, and shield against reputational damage and financial penalties. 

Our suite of AML products is designed to efficiently tackle the ever-evolving threats of sophisticated money laundering. 

We are dedicated to providing a data-driven, customizable platform for automated end-to-end AML monitoring, putting AML teams back in control.

Reduce manual reviews, cut down investigation time, and mitigate risks efficiently.

  • Gain Control: Free your team from engineering by defining their own rules and workflows through a user-friendly, no-code interface
  • Attain Visibility: Look at non-monetary data, testing, and analytics for more visibility into how to reduce false positives by more than 60%
  • Automate Filings: Directly e-file SAR to FinCEN with templated and pre-populated SARs with automated CTR & goAML reporting to 56+ countries
Flag a Transaction, Build a Case, & File a SAR With Unit21
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