Gain Holistic Signals of Your End Customers With Unit21’s Consortium

Fraudsters are inherently collaborative to keep their edge–so why isn’t fighting fraud done collaboratively?

Being part of a Fraud Consortium can provide holistic signals about your end customers, such as account age and usage, risk exposure, and indicators of known fraud. 

Unit21’s Fraud Consortium enables collaborative data sharing between banks, credit unions, fintechs, and other industry players natively within Unit21, providing an innovative approach to curbing fraud’s rising threat in the financial sector.

  • Onboarding: Screen customers early in their account tenure (Even on the first day!)
  • Ongoing screening: Screen customers against the most recent Consortium hits per user, ensuring typologies like bust-out fraud are addressed effectively. 
  • Fraud labeling: Using standard labeling, we aggregate data in real-time – across 36+ million individuals – to ensure the utility of your data.
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