From Reactive Detection to Proactive Prevention with Unit21

As FIs and Fintech transition to faster payments, fraudsters exploit this shift's speed and scale. To counter this, organizations must adopt advanced real-time monitoring with AI and ML technologies to stay ahead of evolving threats in the dynamic and fast-paced financial landscape.

Unit21 delivers proactive protection against real-time threats with our API-based Real-Time Monitoring solution. Detect and prevent fraud by analyzing real-time data across transactions, behaviors, and networks.

Reduce fraud losses by stopping fraud before it occurs.

  • Automatically Take Action on Events: Automatically block or approve (transaction or action) events in < 250 milliseconds, or hold them for manual review. 
  • Write, Test & Deploy Rules in Minutes: Respond to fraud faster using out-of-the-box rules or create your own, and validate them on historical data prior to deployment.
  • Allow List Good Customers: Minimize the risk of flagging legitimate transactions to cut down false positives and lower operational costs.
Workshop: Rule Building Masterclass
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