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Chop Chop: Stopping Pig Butchering Scams

Join us for "Chop Chop: Stopping Pig Butchering Scams" where we'll unpack the latest in pig butchering crypto scams, detailing their mechanics, tactics, and impact. We'll cover the identification of red flags, detection tools, and prevention strategies, emphasizing best practices for crypto companies and the role of law enforcement in combating these scams.

  • In-depth understanding of pig butchering crypto scams: Learn how these scams operate, including the tactics scammers use to manipulate and defraud victims
  • Recognizing warning signs: Identify key red flags and common indicators of pig butchering scams to protect your crypto customers
  • Effective prevention strategies: Understand the available tools and strategies available to safeguard crypto investments
Proactive Fraud Prevention, Detection & Investigation with Unit21
Deputy District Attorney, Santa Clara County
Detective; Fraud & Cryptocurrency Investigator
Founder and CEO