AI-Powered Check Fraud Investigation & Prevention with Unit21

From cooking to washing and arrow keys to innies, check fraud presents new challenges for financial institutions daily

Unit21’s suite of features prevents fraud loss before it reaches the account and leverages AI, automating the check investigation process for FIs and Fintechs.

If you’re a fraud practitioner, tune in to see how to proactively safeguard your institution and automate your check fraud review process.

  • Dark Web Monitoring: Find stolen checks before they reach the bank 
  • Check Fraud Rule Templates: Detect fraud before you negotiate with out-of-the-box rules 
  • Check Investigation Toolkit: Centralize transactions, historical deposits, & image comparisons in one place. 
  • AI Agent for Investigations: Quickly understands the data & provides clear, actionable insights.
Navigating Same-Day ACH Transactions using Unit21
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