Sift vs. Unit21

Looking for a Sift Alternative?

Focusing on transaction scores is a good start to address fraud effectively, but it’s essential to go beyond transaction scores and explore additional measures and strategies to achieve comprehensive fraud detection and prevention. 

If you are in search of a Sift alternative that allows you to:

  • Tailor rules to fit your risk profile for targeted fraud detection and prevention
  • Get a more comprehensive view of risk by harnessing diverse data sources
  • Effectively handle alerts with an easy-to-use Case Manager

Then you should take a look at Unit21’s infrastructure for fraud and AML teams. With Unit21, you can: 

  • Fine-tune scenarios and thresholds to identify fraudulent activity specific to your industry, customer base, or transaction patterns
  • Integrate data from various channels, such as transactions, user behavior, device information, and third-party information, to gain a holistic understanding of potential fraud patterns and risk indicators
  • Streamline and automate actions that align with your operational requirements to reduce manual efforts and response times 

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How Unit 21 Compares to Sift


Data Ingestion

Data ingestion via API

Flexibility ingesting data

Risk Engine

Out of box rules for transaction monitoring

Dynamic rule builder

Customization without engineering resources

Shadow mode

Sandbox environment


Champion challenger machine learning models

Real time rules

Customer Profiling

Case Management

Alert prioritization

Custom workflows

Automated SAR Filing

Link Analysis

Consortium Data

Unit21’s Superpowers

Lower False Positives 

Unit21’s shadow mode feature enables you to test and validate rules before deploying them into production. By leveraging historical data or current data in a controlled testing environment, you can assess the performance and impact of your rules without affecting live operations.

Put All Your Data to Work

With Unit21’s robust integration capabilities, you can easily connect and ingest data from various sources. By incorporating a wide range of data sources, you can create a more holistic view of your risk landscape.

More Efficient Investigations

Unit21 provides an integrated solution that enables a seamless flow of information between the two functions. The integration gives users a holistic view of each case by providing access to both the transaction data and associated case details in one place.

Why Choose Unit21 Over Sift?

Unit21’s customizable risk engine and user-friendly Case Manager enable FinTechs to evolve towards a more proactive fraud prevention strategy by tailoring fraud detection rules to their risk profile and efficiently managing alerts and investigations. 


Optimize Your Fraud Detection Strategy

  • Rapidly process and interpret data with Unit21’s Rapid Ingestor for quick analysis and valuable insights.
  • Define and customize fraud detection rules with Unit21 Graph Based rules to match specific needs and identify desired patterns.
  • Optimize detection accuracy by analyzing rule outcomes and adjusting parameters according to your organization’s requirements.


Reduce Operational Lift

  • Streamline the implementation process without writing complex code or heavy reliance on technical resources, saving time and money. 
  • Unit21’s no-code configuration eliminates the need for lengthy deployment cycles by  empowering users to set up, test and validate rules without relying on engineers.
  • Kickstart your fraud operations with pre-configured templates and out-of-the-box rules. 


Make Better Decisions

  • Alert scores will tell you how similar an alert is to a true positive and enables organizations to prioritize their investigations and allocate resources efficiently. 
  • Access data from multiple sources for comprehensive and contextual views, enabling informed decisions and efficient investigations.
  • Intuitive dashboards allow users to easily visualize the distribution of alerts, track the progress of their investigations and monitor the workflows of their teams.

Trusted By Leading Fintechs, Banks, Lenders, Credit Unions, Crypto Companies, and More

Trusted by startups and the world's largest companies

Line Logo

"We qualified every solution possible. The flexibility and automation of the Unit21 platform made the decision simple. Unit21 is extremely data agnostic, which means we don't need to wait for months to integrate."

Jerry Chou
Chief Compliance Officer at Line

reduction in false-positives
within 90 days of using

Lili Logo

“When rules are capturing fraud fast, you’re creating a good impact for your customers. We’re also able to empower our fraud team so they feel more confident and creative. They aren’t manually looking for alerts and can push the limits of their capabilities."

Alex Faivusovich
Head of Fraud Risk at Lili

reduction in fraud loss
and cut investigation
time by 75% with Unit21

Intuit logo

“Unit21’s platform is actually built with the customer in mind. Unit21 was also very easy to integrate. We easily saved months of engineering effort if we built this on our own. The case for ‘buy’ has never been more straightforward.”

Erika Roodsari
Head of Risk Products at Intuit

reduction in alert
investigations times

bakkt logo

"Unit21 is solving our biggest problem by monitoring hundreds of thousands of customer accounts. And the best thing is that we have been able to achieve a steady 15% false positive rate. That is a huge deal in an industry where 90 - 95% is the norm."

Kailey Klein
Compliance and AML Officer at Bakkt

false-positive rate
achieved with Unit21
and reduced SAR filing
time by 78%

Envel Logo

"To create a rule/model on our prior system took a matter of days, from ticket submission through implementation. With Unit21, it takes approximately 1-2 hours to compose the rule syntax, run the validation, and implement."

Brian Higdon
CFO at Envel

reduction in rule validation/deployment
time and cut alert
investigation time by 66%

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